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New IPC-600 Trainer in Sunshine Shenzhen ( 2013-12-11 )
Our Quality Control Manager Daniel Zhu was certified as IPC-600 Trainer.
New Equipment Installation (Vacuum Via Plugging) ( 2013-12-11 )
A new imaging machine Vacuum Via Plugging was installed in Sunshine Shenzhen in Dec. 2013. It performs non-conductive resion pluggin on the via hole.
New Equipment Installation (OSP Line) ( 2013-12-11 )
A new OSP line was installed in Oct. and start production in Nov. 2013. It can meet our growing up OSP projects from Automotive Customers.
( 2013-12-11 )
A new Plasma Machine was installed in Sunshine Shenzhen in Jan. 2013. It performs well in cleaning performance for rigid and flex materials to provid good contact for the material surface.