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Firmly taking the road of Chinese Company Globalization - CPCA Secretary and his team visit Sunshine Global Circuits

Release date:2016-11-02      Views:4473

CPCA Secretary Zhang Jin, Deputy Secretary Yan Yonghong, CPCA Japan Representative Miao Haiyan, CPCA Federation of Literary and Art Director Wang Yumei, Printed Circuit Information Magazine Operations Director Zhang Qingmian and their team visited Sunshine Global Circuits Co., Ltd. on November 1, 2016. Sunshine Global Circuits Chairman Zhang Peike led the Deputy General Manager Hu Changzhong and the Board of Directors Secretary Yang Xiaoliang to presnt warmly welcome for their visit and sharing.


Chairman Zhang briefly introduced the company's development strategies during the meeting. To avoid the vicious competition in the domestic PCB market, Sunshine Global Circuits mainly focus on overseas markets, and gradually established the "High Mix, Low Volume, High Technology” business direction for the company. Although the development of Sunshine Global Circuits is emphasizing on overseas markets and walking on the road of globalization, the core value of the business is still "Chinese Company". Hoping that Sunshine, in furtue, can continue to work with CPCA by enhancing the cooperation and information sharing.


CPCA Secretary Zhang Jin highly appreciated the marketing thought and direction of Sunshine Global Circuits. On top of the CPCA platform, it is hoped that the development of Sunshine can attain a further higher level! He also gave his praise on Chairman Zhang’s ethnic complex showing to China.